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Hey everyone I’m still here I just haven’t posted in a really long time. I plan on trying to post more this summer but I’m working a lot so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to but I’ll try my best!

mama-sloth-yo: where'd you get your sloth cursor?!

Oh man someone has asked me this before and I don’t really know like I think I just looked up “sloth cursor tumblr” or something along those lines. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

: Donate to a Sanctuary


Guys! Really important.! There is a wildlife sanctuary whom would really appreciate if you would donate! 100$ or 1$ Anything helps! I personally go there alot! And it’s one of the most amazing places. There are amazing animals there like bald eagles, lynx, servals, foxes, monkeys, coatis and, wait for it… a sloth! All the caretakers are so wonderful, well informed and just amazing.

I highly recommend visiting! I provided a link to their page, it shows all their info: address, one on one animal encounters, etc.

Also!~ you can meet a two toed sloth! She’s perfect.!

(via thatslothblog)


That I haven’t been consistently posting, but you know, I’m only human, and I’m super busy. I have classes to go to and, yes, things to do that are more important than the internet. Many of you have stuck with me though, and I thank you! Just bear with me and I’ll try to start posting consistently again.

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